Penang is home to an estimated 420 species of birds, including several rare specimens. Both the island and mainland are known for its abundant variety of bird species, making it an avian paradise for amateur and experienced bird watchers.

Some of the diverse bird habitats include lowland forests, mangrove forests, tidal mudflats, wetlands and paddy fields. Commonly spotted birds throughout Penang include various species of eagles, owls, songbirds, waders and water birds that consist of resident and migrant birds.

Great locations on the island and mainland for bird watching are:

1.       Penang Bird Park

2.       Penang National Park

3.       Penang Hill

4.       Penang Botanic Gardens

5.       Bukit Panchor State Park

6.       Air Hitam Dalam Education Forest

7.       Bukit Mertajam Amenity Forest

8.       Bukit Juru Forest Reserve

9.       Sungai Burung in Balik Pulau

10.     Teluk Air Tawar in Butterworth