A visit to an island without experiencing its beaches, is definitely incomplete. The diversity in Penang is not only limited to its culture but extends to its beaches as well. Whether one is looking for a glitzy five-star hotel fronting the beach, an activity packed stretch that offers parasailing and jet skiing or just a secluded spot to work up a tan, Penang’s numerous beaches will not disappoint you.

The well-known beaches are popular for a reason. Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Bungah beaches are dotted with hotels, resorts and dining venues. One can easily opt to parasail or hop on a banana boat as recreational activities are in no shortage here. Do bear in mind that guests patronising waterfront facilities in Batu Feringghi do so at their own risk.

Beaches in the Teluk Bahang area are accessible through boat rides or hiking through the Penang National Park. They are harder to reach and thus more tranquil and void of crowds. Mas Beach and Kerachut Beach are perfect spots for a relaxing dip and a peaceful lie-down.

Miami Beach lies not too far away from Batu Ferringhi but is fairly quieter thanks to a rocky protrusion that cuts out most of the beach-goers.

Enjoy the pristine white sand and the amazingly fresh seafood at Gertak Sanggul Beach. Take a two-hour trail from there to Pasir Panjang, a beach surrounded by green forests and rubber estates.

Very few head out to Bakar Kapur Beach because of its rather rocky terrain. But those that make the trip will be duly rewarded with a peaceful, shaded hideaway perfect for a picnic.

Fisherman’s Beach is just as its name states. A true hidden gem as not many tourists or locals head here. One can watch as the fishermen come home after a day of fishing out at sea.

Access Pulau Aman via boat as it is truly an all-rounded mini island. There are historical sightseeing opportunities (including a Pirates’ Cave) and a galore of recreational activities to experience.