Whether you are drawn to the drama of a street parade, the spirituality of a prayer ritual or the beauty of an avant-garde theatre performance, there is bound to be an event around the corner waiting to be experienced.

Weekend markets abound in Penang. Vendors are an assorted mix of small business owners to passionate hobbyists presenting their wares and services to a curious crowd. Markets like Occupy Beach Street, Artisan Market on Pitt Street and Sunday Pop Up Market at Hin Bus Depot are great places to buy local, handmade products and meet the individuals producing them face-to-face. There are usually street performances, workshops or activities during these markets that provide opportunities for participants to interact, learn something or simply have fun.

Ever think sports event are for professionals only? The Asia Pacific Masters Games may sound intimidating but is really an event that has a variety of sports for a wide age group. Participants get to choose the nature of the event they get involve in, whether it is competitive, recreational or social. Elsewhere, don’t miss out on Penang’s annual Dragon Boat Festival which is as much a display of physical strength as it is a cultural spectacle.

Penang Institute, the state government’s policy think tank frequently holds forums, panels and the occasional book launch for those that crave intellectual stimulation from discussions that range of inclusive politics to Southeast Asian photography.

Event Date: 29 Nov 2018 - 02 Dec 2018
The Penang Island Jazz Festival features local and international performers at its main and fringe stages throughout the island.
Event Date: 26 Nov 2018 - 28 Nov 2018
The In-between Arts Festival (IbAF) aims to showcase words, food, music, culture ad everything in between.
Event Date: 22 Nov 2018 - 25 Nov 2018
George Town Literary Festival highlights the best of literature, music, arts and culture in Penang.
Event Date: 07 Sep 2018 - 15 Sep 2018
The first Asia Pacific Masters Games held in Penang, the first-ever masters multi-sport event in Asia.
Event Date: 31 Aug 2018
Celebrating the independence of Malaya, 59 years ago.
Event Date: 11 Aug 2018 - 09 Sep 2018
Celebrated on a grand scale in Penang, the Hungry Ghost Festival is celebrated with makeshift altars erected at roadsides with giant joss sticks lit and food offered, as well as Chinese opera performances.
Event Date: 04 Aug 2018 - 02 Sep 2018
George Town Festival is an annual, month-long celebration of culture, heritage, art, and community.
Address: Main Entrance of Kapitan Keling Mosque, 14, Jalan Buckingham, 10200 George Town, Penang
Event Date: 21 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
Join Penang Hill this July 2018 as they commemorate 230 years of the discovery of Penang Hill and rekindle memories of its glorious history, cultural heritage and its rich natural habitat with the inaugural Penang Hill Festival which will feature many interesting programmes
Address: Penang Hill, Jalan Stesen Bukit Bendera, Air Itam, 11500 Pulau Pinang
Event Date: 21 Jul 2018
A traditional and merry Japanese festival that is celebrated with dances and lively drum performances to welcome the homecoming of ancestral spirits.
Address: Padang Kota Lama, Lebuh Light, 10450 George Town, Penang
Event Date: 20 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
A 10-day prayer ritual that draws many believers from all walks of life. Witness a candlelight procession at Penang's The Church of St. Anne, built in 1957.
Address: St. Anne's Church Jalan Kulim, Bukit Mertajam, 14000, Penang
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