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Penang in all its complexity is presented in bite-sized stories, guides and interviews, to be taken in and savoured slowly.

Kepala Batas is an ideal day trip destination if you’re seeking a lesser-seen glimpse into both ancient and rural Penang. With its traditional Malay kampung houses, rice fields, and archeological and heritage sites, this quaint rural backwater trundles along at a slower tempo, as it has done for centuries.
For curious travellers seeking an enclave rife with heritage shophouses, historical sites and legendary foodscapes, Bukit Mertajam is the hidden gem you need for a quick getaway.
Hot on the heels of Chinese New Year comes another festival with sights and sounds to remember.
There’s more to Chinese New Year than red packets, festive treats, and mandarin oranges.
Things you need to do over the year-end holiday in Penang: Ride a ferris wheel, snap a bunch of Instagram-worthy shots around the island and mainland, take up a Nyonya kuih-making class and more. Here’s everything you need to do in Penang this year-end holiday.
Stroll through the heart of Little India for an all-round sensorial Deepavali experience. From high-decibel Indian beats to Instagram-worthy street decorations and tantalising sweet bites, Deepavali surely brings the ethnic Indian enclave to life!
Getting a haircut at Huang Koong barber shop at Jalan Hutton guarantees to bring out all kinds of feels. Part of its charm is getting your hair cut by a septuagenarian Chinese barber. The other part is being able to marvel at all the vintage interior within the pre-war shophouse, which has remained unchanged since 1968.
An idyllic spot for a quick getaway, hop over to Penang's mainland and visit the historic Jeti Lama heritage enclave.
Have you seen the rat-headed prisoner on the wall of Mugshot Cafe on Lebuh Chulia? How about a monkey-headed general guarding the moon gate in China House’s courtyard? There’s a dragon-headed General Guan Yu riding a horse on the wall of the Drippin’ Dragon Hostel on Lorong Hutton. Have you seen that too? Familiarise yourself with the works of Penang-based British artist Thomas Powell.
Teochew Puppetry and Opera and where it stands today.
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