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Sticking To Food Rule


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Image credit: The Star

Hawker stalls in Penang will soon have ‘Penang Street Food’ stickers on them to indicate that the food served by that particular stall is prepared by a local, The Star reports. This is part of the state government’s effort to elevate the status of the Penang local fare, and to preserve, protect and promote local food as a tourism product in Penang.  'It is our hope that Penang will be known for having the best food in the world, and to have the Penang brand and originality to be maintained,' says Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

A recent survey showed that 87.45% agreed that Penang hawker food should be cooked by locals, and respondents listed asam laksa, char koay teow, loh bak, hokkien mee, curry mee, wan than mee, pasembor, chee cheong fun, mee sotong, char koay kak, oh chien, koay teow thng and nasi lemak as local delights which have to be prepared by locals. Lim says Penang is a favourite tourist hotspot because of its hawker food and the state government want to ensure that the taste is maintained.      

Source: Penang hawker fare dished out by locals to have indicator stickers, The Star 20 Jan 2015