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Penang's Protestant Cemetery Upgrading Project


Protestant Cemetery
The Northam Road Protestant Cemetery

The Northam Road Protestant cemetery in Penang has been enhanced to a whole new level of accessibility with a visitor-friendly environment. In tandem with the inscription of George Town as a World Heritage Site, the Northam Road Protestant cemetery has seen an increase in interest both by locals and visitors. The Municipal Council of Penang Island (MPPP) and Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) has been performing maintenance work for the site since the 1990s, with works including cleaning of the site, foliage trimming, repair and repainting of the front perimeter wall and gate post, removal of plant growth on tombs, re-inking of inscriptions, and installation of lights.

Protestant cemetery 
The Northam Road Protestant Cemetery

It is the Penang's state intention to upgrade the Protestant cemetery to conserve this historic site. Restoration works on the tombs started from September 2013 to November 2014, with a total of 80 tombs restored. GTWHI later appointed a conservator and a contractor in October 2014 to conduct the facilities upgrading project to create a more pleasant and visitor-friendly environment.
The recent upgrading works include repair of pedestrian walkway, supply of benches, ground levelling, installation of lighting, new signboard and bollards at the entrance, construction of shed, supply bicycle-bay, main gate replair and construction of drain.
Source: George Town World Heritage Inc. (GTWHI), 15 Jan 2015