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An Evening of Lights at Khoo Kongsi

Event Date : 27 May 2017
Updated 18 April 2017
An Evening of Lights at Khoo Kongsi is when Khoo Kongsi turns on all its lights at its courtyard to accommodate interesting Chinese arts and cultural performances. It is a spectacular sight to behold only during this event once a month as Khoo Kongsi is closed in the evenings. The evening will also host cultural dance, acrobatic performance and snake artist performance along with stalls selling handmade knick knacks, and famous Penang street food! Free admission for all.

Tersergam indah dengan lanskap yang istimewa, lampu yang dinyalakan pada waktu malam menonjolkan kecantikan bangunan Khoo Kongsi. Sebulan sekali, lampu-lampu akan dinyalakan untuk persembahan kesenian dan kebudayaan Cina. Sertai “An Evening of Lights at Khoo Kongsi” dan perolehi pengalaman kesenian tradisional kaum Cina, seni dan kraftangan berserta makanan tempatan Pulau Pinang dengan kemasukan Percuma!


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