The Indians, whether of Muslim or Hindu faith, had given Penang its most famous and sought after cuisine – the nasi kandar. People have been known to travel from all over just to score a plate of rice utterly drenched in at least two types of lively-flavoured curries accompanied by fried chicken, fish, mutton or seafood and myriad vegetables. What started as peddling rice and curry from hand carried carriers to port workers in Penang, nasi kandar has certainly come a long way since then. It’s no surprise since the Indians came from a land of spices from which they expertly grind into various curry pastes that produce robust and colourful curries and marinade.

Where to try: Hameediyah restaurant on Lebuh Campbell, Line Clear on Jalan Penang and Nasi Beratur on Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling in George Town, as well as a couple of nasi kandar restaurants on Jalan Todak 4 in Seberang Perai.