Penang’s cultural festivals abound from the many traditions residing within its ethnically diverse population. This environment has served as inspiration to the many creative minds that call Penang home, resulting in an equally exciting artistic scene that has given birth to major music, arts and literary festivals that happen annually.

Jazz-lovers should plan their travel itineraries to coincide with the Penang Island Jazz Festival. A critically-acclaimed festival that should not be missed, Penang Island Jazz Festival gathers the coolest cats in jazz from around the world; putting their music against the backdrop of the island’s beauty.

Book-lovers, on the other hand, have the George Town Literary Festival to look out for. With a firm belief in the power of free speech and expression, the festival pulls local and international writers, poets and performers to engage in topics that are vital to the world we live in.

Arguably the most all-encompassing festival in Penang is George Town Festival. Running for a whole month, it celebrates performing arts, visual art, and design with its wide array of programmes from Malaysia and all around the globe.