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20% OFF Entrance Fee at Tech Dome Penang

Updated 1 June 2017
Penang's First Science Discovery Centre - Tech Dome Penang. Attractions that engage your five senses, teaching you how your body works and making the learning of science interesting and fun! Interactive exhibits are categorised into six engaging galleries:Information Technology, Life Tech, Robotics, Optics, Electro-Magnetism, and Forces & Motion. There is also a Children‘s Exploration Zone, Astronomy Observatory (PIXO) and a Cafe which showcases the Penang Transformation Story. Tech Dome is on level four at KOMTAR Tower in the Geodesic Dome Penang. Opens daily from 10am to 6pm except on Tuesdays.

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  3. The promotion is valid from 1 April 2017 until 31 December 2017.
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