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15% OFF Food and Beverages at Wembley Cafe

Updated 13 February 2017
A 24-hour cafe offering a wide selection of local and Western cuisine, rotational themed buffet dinners, buffet breakfast and ala carte meals.
Buffet Themes:
Monday: Herbs & Spices of Penang
Tuesday: Mediterranean
Wednesday: Tantalising Thai
Thursday: Japanese and Western
Friday: Seafood
Saturday: Japanese and Seafood
Sunday: Oriental Weekend

Terms & Condition:
  1. Applicable for themed buffet and ala carte meals.
  2. Not valid on eve of festive seasons and during festive seasons or with other on-going promotions and during food promotions.
  3. Offer is applicable before 6% of GST and not applicable for company private events.
  4. Excludes alcoholic beverages and bottles sales.
  5. Subject to availability. Advanced reservation is required.
  6. Both printed and digital copy of coupon is accepted.
  7. Information and offers provided by participated merchant/shopping mall are subject to change by individual merchant/shopping mall concerned without prior notice. Please contact the merchant/shopping mall for enquiries, confirmation, reservation and detailed terms and conditions
  8. Penang Global Tourism (PGT) is not a supplier to the products and services of the merchant/shopping mall and shall not be responsible for any liabilities in relation thereto
  9. In any case of disputes, the decision made by PGT and participating merchant/shopping mall is final.

*All information is correct at the time of entry and is subject to change without prior notice.