Fabulous February Fiesta in February

Visit Penang Year 2015 is the Year of Festivals. So, VPY2015 will start off in a big way with Fabulous February Fiesta that’s jam-packed with exciting events and they're free. Kick starting VPY2015 in a big way is the Fabulous February Fiesta that’s jam-packed with exciting events beginning on 1 Feb itself with Tropfest South East Asia. The world’s largest short film festival is coming into its second year in Penang. This year, its signature item to be featured in all the competing short film submissions is ‘wheel’ and the winner of USD12,000 will be announced at the end of the night.
Thaipusam follows just a couple of days later on 3 Feb. This is when thousands of Hindu devotees will pay homage to deity Lord Murugan and a dynamic display of faith can be witnessed with unbelievable body and facial piercings that balance a weighty kavadi while walking many endurance-testing kilometres and a 500-step up hill climb towards the Hilltop temple.
Adding to that colour is the happy and loud dong-dong-cheng accompanying acrobatic lion dances that will happen on various streets of George Town during Chinese New Year on 19 and 20 Feb. Also, very unique to Penang is the grandeur with which the Hokkien New Year is celebrated throughout the clan jetties on Pengkalan Weld on 26 Feb. This is when hundreds of lanterns are lit to give the whole pedestrian-only road a pretty, festive glow along with a parade and ear-bursting concerts.
In between the two Chinese new year celebrations is Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on 21 and 22 Feb. To be held the first time ever in Penang, this event not only promises one of life’s most unique experiences but also the wonder of witnessing 15 hot air balloons right at your doorstep, or at least on Padang Polo, Penang.
As you can see, Penang is really as VPY2015 tagline claims, ‘Where the festivities never end’, and Fabulous February Fiesta will give you a memorable taste of that sentiment. You can get more details from on festival facts and dates, or #mypenangvpy to keep up with photos and live reports.