Here are Penang’s must-try food, quirky cafes, brand-new attractions and exciting parks all in a convenient list format to keep handy while travelling.

Areca Books is a rapidly growing niche publisher based in Penang. A number of its publications are pioneering works on trans-local history, cultural heritage and the environment. This outlet currently runs as a publishing office. If you're seeking for local publications, head over to their latest outletlocated on Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling.
Address: 70, Lebuh Acheh, George Town, 10200, Penang, MALAYSIA
Art Bug began as a picture framer before becoming an established decor art supplier. They primarily design and create various products from graphical art prints, framed arts, paintings, applied art for architectural and interior decoration items.
Address: 26 Jalan Nagor, George Town, 10050, Penang, MALAYSIA
The Ban Hin Lee Bank Building at 43 Beach Street, used to house one of the few banks to be founded in Penang such as Southern Bank, the Ban Hin Lee Bank and used to have its corporate headquarters here. The Ban Hin Lee Bank Building was designed by Ung Ban Hoe, the first Chinese architect in Penang. It was completed in 1936 in the Art Deco style. The grand classical front and thick walls were to give the appearance of solidness.
Address: No.43 Beach Street, George Town, 10300, Penang, MALAYSIA
Bangunan Tuanku Syed Putra is a government office building along downing street. It is best known for housing the Penang General Post Office. Located on the site of a Japanese godown during the Japanese Occupation, the 10-storey building was completed in 1962, housing Federal and State departments. External viewing.
Address: Downing Street, George Town, 10300, Penang, MALAYSIA
The Bat's Cave Temple was built in 1917 and the temple was dedicated to the worship of Tua Pek Kong, the local God of prosperity.
Address: Jalan Pokok Ceri, Air Itam, 11500, Penang, MALAYSIA
Next….here, here and here! Locally known as 'beca'. Most of the trishaw paddlers also doubled as tourists guides.
Address: Lorong Stewart, George Town, 10200, Penang, MALAYSIA
A propolis bee farm and gallery at Penang Botanic Garden. Delve into apiculture and learn about the Malaysian tiny stingless Trigona bees and others, various types of honey and propolis and take some home too.
Address: Jalan Kebun Bunga Lot-1B, Annex A, Waterfall Gardens, 10350, Penang, MALAYSIA
Bel Retiro is a government bungalow on Penang Hill. It was built in 1789 for the governor of Penang. It is the most prestigious property on Penang Hill, built in the 1800s as a resort for high govenment officials and visiting dignitaries.
Address: Bukit Bendera, Ayer Itam, 11300, Penang, MALAYSIA
Bellevue Penang Hill Hotel is a 12 rooms colonial type of hotel with simple, nice, neat and clean set up. It has unique collections on rare species of Birds, Flora and Fauna at the Aviary Garden and a spectacular panoramic view from the restaurant.
Address: Bukit Bendera, Ayer Itam, 11300, Penang, MALAYSIA
Owned by a vintage toy collector, Ben's Vintage Toy Museum features a rare and one-of-a-kind collection of vintage toys from the 1940s until 1970s. Some of the collection includes robots, dolls, trains, aircrafts, guns, space toys, paddle cars and more.
Address: 55 Lebuh Acheh, George Town, 10200, Penang, MALAYSIA
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