Here are Penang’s must-try food, quirky cafes, brand-new attractions and exciting parks all in a convenient list format to keep handy while travelling.

Hong Kong Shoe Store specializes in shoe making of any designs, including any special needs. The duration to complete a pair of shoes normally takes up to 2 months.
Address: 20, Kimberley Street, George Town, 10100, Penang, MALAYSIA
The House of Yeap Chor Ee is a museum housed in Penang Street. It was opened on 16 October 2008. The museum is a part of The Sire - Museum Restaurant.
Address: 4, King Street, George Town, 10200, Penang, MALAYSIA
The HSBC Building of Penang is a six storey building built in 1948 in the late Art Deco style at 1 Downing Street, George Town. The design reflects the influence of the Shanghai Art Deco style. This is the first branch of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank in Malaysia.
Address: 1, Downing Street, George Town, 10300, Penang, MALAYSIA
Hu Yew Seah is an organisation to promote Chinese language education among English speaking Chinese in Penang. It is located along Madras Lane. Hu Yew Seah also operate as Primary School.
Address: 45, Lorong Madras, George Town, 10400, Penang, MALAYSIA
Hui Aun Association or Hui Aun Kong Hooi is founded in 1914. It is located along Magazine Road, across from1st Avenue Mall. The Hui Aun Association is housed in an Art Deco style building. Recently, it had its side walls painted with the Woman Construction Workers Mural.
Address: 73, Magazine road, George Town, 10300, Penang, MALAYSIA
Back in the days, Hup Huat Tricycle and Bicycle Repair was one of many trishaw makers in George Town. Today, Mr Choo Yew Choon inherits the century-old shop from his great grandfather who founded it and remains as the only trishaw maker in town. Due to the low market value of trishaws today, he repairs bicycles and hawker tricycles to keep his business afloat.
Address: Jalan Pintal Tali, George Town, 10100, Penang, MALAYSIA
This piece of artwork was created as part of the 101 Lost Kittens project. It depicts a cat prancing after a rat.
Address: Lebuh Armenian, George Town, 10200, Penang, MALAYSIA
Enjoy decorative glasswork at this one-of-a-kind museum in Malaysia. Admire the different techniques in creating glass ornaments including fused, sandblasted, stained and overlaying glass. Ibox Museum of Glass is the first glass museum in Malaysia, and have received a title in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the first glass museum.
Address: No. 80-0, Jalan Mount Erskine, Tanjung Tokong, 10400, Penang, MALAYSIA
The Penang Immigration Department Building is an impressive double storey building . It was built in 1890 and is located within the compound of the Central Police Station. The building has a porte cochere facing north.
Address: Beach Street, George Town, 10300, Penang, MALAYSIA
India House is a double-storey building in George Town. It is located on the corner of Beach Street and Church Street Ghaut. It carries an address on both streets. India House was built in the Indian Art Deco style.
Address: 25, Beach Street, George Town, 10300, Penang, MALAYSIA
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